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Broardsword Is Pretty Alright
    Well, multiple times i have thought this game to be a goner, most certainly at time when a new company would come in and take it over. "Surely they wouldn't want a game this old if they wanted anything more than the high sub money". But Broadsword did actually look different, being comprised of people who loved the game and helped develop it initially. They knew they had a weak force, so they listened to the community and took part in our game forums and recruited the most well heard, well known, and some (definitely not all) of the most level headed "public figures" DAoC has. Some of their main projects and aspects have taken a long while to get up and running, but the fruits of their labor and appreciation for what a lot of people actually want, not just sitting on the sub money. 

With the current community and standard of the game, paid for content and expansions are non-existent. Which is good and bad. It's bad as in Broadsword can't really hire any extra help, so any big projects are either long winded or not possible, but it's good that a game that has been around for 14 years collecting our $15 or more a month doesn't charge us for providing new things to do. Since Broadsword is so small, they have chosen to stay super active in the community, which is really awesome for customer support and bug reports. Going through in game still can take a while, but shoot a post on postcount about it and a broadsword staff member or one of their knights will take notice, sometimes right away, sometimes later, which is still much earlier than usual in terms of bug reports.

Broadsword are pulling the herald together, keeping the nice updated style but returning some of its old counterparts most desired sections, they are redoing ingame textures and terrains, they are adding new content in the forms of quests and RvR content, and they are changing RvR zones and setup's to further help direct the flow of combat and action; not only is it easier to join in, its easier to pick it up and feel like you can actually do something, and its easy to tell when your in place you shouldn't be.

Their new Epic Quest is a large saga, with a few new character models and once its done they are updating the games entire terrain. While they haven't done anything specifically to Gaheris and our PvE specific encounters unique to us, I believe they will help us down the road, as they promised, and that their general fixes to the game in general will also benefit us. They have stuck to their words, so far, they are just situationally forced to be slow moving and gradual. Maybe one day we can say DAoC is getting an actual influx of people, if not getting back some of the members it lost. The game is not a dismal as it once was. 

I would highly reccomend any DAoC interested parties to listen in to their podcast and check out their twitch, peek around the new Herald website, and look for their newsletters, which contain a lot of their hot-fixes and patch notes. 

Official DAoC Twitch Channel -
The Herald -

heyeigale i do not know if you remember me i grouped with you a couple of times. has anyone seen or heard from jas or super who is in charger of guild now.
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